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Thursday, 14 April 2011


Welcome to my foodie blog! Or “Flog” as someone called it (not I, sounds too medieval)

 The first and most obvious is question is, “Why?”. It’s not as if the world needs another food blog; there are many more out there that are surely more interesting and written by people with much better qualifications than I.

 And my answer is “Why Not?”. In this modern day and age, people blog about all sorts of things strange and/or mundane, so here follows my blog of my kitchen and culinary (mis)adventures.

 Over the last few years, due to my hubby’s employment in various book-type stores, I have amassed quite a collection of wonderful cookbooks, out of which always comes a list of Recipes I’d Like to Try. Thankfully I have had a willing rotation of friends and family willing to be guinea pigs to whatever has taken my fancy. They have witnessed my triumphs as well as the odd misstep (such as the rather bland Moroccan casserole, the cookies that congealed into one large slice-like mess and the gravy-less beef bourguignon)
 But I think I have almost reached saturation point with sharing my excitement about new ingredients and cooking styles – hence, I am creating another outlet where I can ramble on about these and other food (and probably non-food) related topics. I don’t expect that there will be an avid fan base, but I find that writing about something makes you think about it a bit more, which I think is always a good thing. And maybe someone will find a hint or a recipe that might interest them and thus the Circle of Foodie Intrigue keep turning.

Why “Domestic Goddess”? On my good days, I am one. On my bad days, I still aspire to one! My definition is someone who enjoys cooking and creating and hosting, and generally pulls it off. A little bit 50’s Housewife (with the matching tablecloth and the table set with the proper cutlery) and a bit Modern Woman who knows that we don’t always have the time of a 50’s Housewife and so need the shortcuts as well. Hence you will find entries about organising dinner parties as well as feeding children who may not eat all of the things they should, as well as yummy things to enjoy, because a Domestic Goddess works hard and deserves a treat every so often! But more cooking related than general domesticity – I do use earth-friendly cleaners when I can, but if you want to clean your toilet with bi-carb soda, then you need another blog!

 So I hope you enjoy it, find it helpful or find it inspiring – I will be as I write it.

K xx

PS - and it will hopefully look a bit prettier once I work my way around!

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